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About Liquid Controls flow-meters generally
Hydraulic Pilot Valve (4" HPV)
TE500 single or dual electronic register

About Liquid Controls flow-meters generally

The Liquid Controls Meter consists of a housing in which three rotors turn in synchronized relationship within three cylindrical bores with no metal-to-metal contact within the meter element. Each rotor is supported on either end by a bearing plate through which the rotor shafts protrude.

The bladed displacement rotors alternately move through the two half-cylinder bores of the meter element, while the single blocking rotor rotates within its bore in such a way as to produce a continuous capillary seal between the unmetered, upstream product and the metered, downstream product.
At one end of each rotor shaft is a timing gear. The blocking rotor gear, having twice the number of teeth of each of the displacement rotor gears, rotates at halfthe RPM of the displacement rotors.
Throughout the meter element the mating surfaces are either flat surfaces or cylindrical faces and sections that are most accurately machined. No oscillating or reciprocating motion withinthe device permits extremely close and consistent tolerances within the Liquid Controls meter.
As a result the Liquid Controls meter provides unsurpassed accuracy (0,05%), long operating life and exceptional dependability.
The flow-meters produced for wide range of type of liquids, of course the sealings depend on the type of liquids.
For the different flow-rates we can offer different type of flow-meters, as the follows:
  • Liquid Controls M5

    Min. flow-rate: 22 liter/min
    Max. flow-rate: 227 liter/min
    Max. pressure: 10 bar
    Flanges: 6/4" és 2"

  • Liquid Controls M7

    Min. flow-rate: 38 liter/min
    Max. flow-rate: 380 liter/min
    Max. pressure: 10 bar
    Flanges: 6/4" és 2"

  • Liquid Controls M15

    Min. flow-rate: 76 liter/min
    Max. flow-rate: 760 liter/min
    Max. pressure: 10 bar
    Flanges: 3"

  • Liquid Controls M30

    Min. flow-rate: 135 liter/min
    Max. flow-rate: 1325 liter/min
    Max. pressure: 10 bar
    Flanges: 4"

  • Liquid Controls M50

    Max. flow-rate: 1000 liter/min or 1300 liter/min
    Flanges: 4"

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Hydraulic Pilot Valve (4" HPV)

Two-staged shut-off valve, flow-rate control in conjunction with any electronic
register with digital flow control.
Liquid temp range: -20°C...+80°C
Ambient temp range: -20°C...+80°C
Max. counter pressure: 1,5 bar
Max. working pressure: 10 bar for the aluminium type
                                          16 bar for the carbon steel type
Minimum operating pressure: 0,09 bar
Flanges: 4"
Electro hydraulic Command: 220V 50/60 Hz or 24VDC or as requested
Standard magnetic head: IP65 Explosion proof EExd IIBT6,
Power consumprion 20 W

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TE500 single or dual electronic register

Single - The register can be used with one flow-meter and can be either placed on top of the meter or remotely mounted.
Double - The register has a dual display, works with two flow meters simultaneously, and is remotely mounted.

Main features:

Totalizer display, 9 digit resettable counter showing volume delivered at ambient
temperature, 9 digit resettable counter showing temperature compensated volume, 8 digit non-resettable counter showing volume delivered at ambient temperature, 8 digit non-resettable counter showing temperature compensated volume, flow rate indication, product temperature indication.
Temperature compensation, accepts inputs from Pt100 Class A temperature probe.
Reporting function, enable daily meter througput and summary of transactions to
be displayed or printed. Large, back-lighted LCD dot matrix display guides the operator during loading.
Easy programming, step by step menu driven configuration of parameters and
controller functions.
Linearisation, to compensate for the inherent error curve of the associated
Memory function, all transactions are stored with the option to display or print data
chronologically, or sorted by date.
Automatic error correction re-calibration simplified by automatically calculating
the static error of the associated flow-meter.
Digital control: capability to drive an elctromechanical digital valve for flow-meter.
Pulse transmitter, may be internal or remotely mounted,
Serial communication, uses three independent EIA standard serial communication
(RS232C, RS485, RS422).
Self Diagnostic procedure, automatically checks essential components at each
Explosion-proof enclosure, Eex-d IIB T6 certified in accordance with CENELEC
Working temperature: -20°C...+55°C
Weather-proof enclosure to IP65
Metrological characteristics complying with OIML R 117 International

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