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Short Introduction

Petrol Kft. took up it's duty in 1990 at the fuel-technology segment of the market with those professionals and technicians who came from the company KLIMA Industrial Co-operative Society. From the formation the company is owned by the Hungarian management. In the beginning only the technological mounting and maintenance of filling stations formed our company's profile, but until now it considerably widened. This enlargement didn't touch only the profile but the human segment and the income too. At the present our company employs 35 persons, and we have many subcontractors. We have own premises and own fleet of service-cars and we have sub-office in Gyula for faster serving those clients of ours, who lived in the eastern side of the country.

Profile of the Company

Now we perform all the work what could be in a technological system of a filling station, from the planning of a filling station on, through the fuel-technological execution, to the maintenance. We accept commissions for planning and building filling stations like main contractor, to relieve our client of the burden of the difficulty of the organising, of the co-ordination of the subcontractors, and of the taking of relationship with the co-operating authorities.

From our company's establishment our goal is that our clients have access in Hungary to the latest technology possible, thatswhy in 1994 we entered into a distribution contract with Nuovo Pignone, one of the biggest dispenser manufacturer of Europe. In the meantime Nuovo Pignone joined to the american General Electric company-group, or rather Nuovo Pignone became the flagship of the General Electric's Oil and Gas Business. Their activity doesn't ends with manufacturing of dispensers, they offer solutions, services, products for all field of oil and gas business. On the spring of 2004 the dispenser manufacturing segment of General Electric was buyed by the Dresser Inc. (Dallas, USA), and with this step they became the biggest dispenser manufacturing company of the world. The name of the new company is Dresser Wayne Pignone. Our cooperation is uniterrupted, we are still available with the extended product range for our customers.

In the end of 2005 we'd started on our cooperation with the Tatsuno Benc a.s. manufacturer from the Czech Republic. The hydraulics of his bidden dispensers came from the leader dispenser manufacturer of the asian region Tatsuno to Europe, and the final design is evolved with the electronics and dispenser frame by the czech partner. From 2006 we signed a distributor contract with them.

In 2006 we've made a distributior contract with Kungsörs Plast AB (Sweden). They producing fuel pipe systems, and chambers from plastic under the brand name KPS System.

From 2007 we can offer to our customer the products of the dispenser manufacturer Tokheim.

We are also the exclusive distributor of SAMPI in Hungary. This relationship started in 1996, and at the beginning it was limited for trade and service of flow-meters. Because in the meanwhile SAMPI also became a member of a bigger consortium - called Liquid Controls - it's product-palette enlarged, so we can offer a wider solution to our client at the field of industrial flow-meters and other distributing apparatus.

The wide-ranging experiences of our employees, what they collected their serious, professional past and theirs continuously, professional an not professional training assure our clients of we can be available with the application of the most up-to-date technology.

Field of activities, Services

planning of filling stations,

general execution of filling stations,

mounting of fuel-technological systems,

cleaning, verification and structural examination of storage tanks,

installation of leakage-detector-systems,

mounting of vapour recovery pipelines,

after-installation of the vapour recovery to a dispenser,

mounting of auto-gas technological systems,

maintenance of dispensers,

verification of dispensers,

verification of the vapour recovery in a dispenser,

verification of the vapour recovery pipelines,

trade of new and used dispensers,

trade of fuel-technological accessories,

trade of industrial flow-meters,

planning of building engineering,

implementation and mounting of building engineering

Certificates and permissions

As we are a provider company our value-adding power is the quality of our activity, or the enlargement of the quality to inspire and hold our client's confidence.

For that reason we built, initialised, made authorisation, and started to operate an ISO 9002:1994 quality management system. Afterwards in 2002 answer to the new challenges, or rather enlarge the efficiency of our system we turned to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.

Beyond that we have the permits of the authorities for all work what we do as the follows:

  • Authorisation published by the Hungarian Technical Safety Office for on the spot technological mounting, repairing, examination of leaking, cleaning, and structural examination of storage equipments of inflammable (dangerous) liquids and dissolving materials.
  • Authorisation published by the Hungarian Technical Safety Office for measuring of carburetted hydrogen emission, installing and setting up of vapour recovery system in the dispensers and vapour recovery pipelines.
  • Authorisation published by the Regional Inspectorate of Technical Safety for metal welding and for the connecting activities.
  • Authorisation published by the National Office of Measures for taking part in authentication of storage tanks of inflammable (dangerous) liquids and dissolving materials.
  • Licence published by the National Office of Measures for doing 30 day long qualification substitute for authentication of dispensers exclusively after repairing.
  • Our company is qualified delivering company of NATO.
  • Beyond that we have got all needed certifications of all products what we sell to use them in Hungary.

I hope this short introduction made a positive image from our company, and in the future you will honour us with your commission.


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